Everyone wants smooth, fabulous skin, and here at Local Luxury Medspa, we believe you deserve it. That’s why our Stillwater hair waxing studio offers complete waxing treatments. You’ll be pampered and cared for from start to finish in our soothing professional waxing studio. Our waxes offer longer lasting outcomes than shaving while avoiding ingrown hairs or accidental cuts. When you come to our Stillwater professionals, we provide you with a comfortable experience that may leave you feeling pampered and hairless. Get the soft, silky pores and skin you deserve — call today to learn more.

Get Smooth Skin in Stillwater

Our professional waxing studio was designed with comfort in mind. We maintain a soothing, calm atmosphere inside our Stillwater spa to help you to relax while you wait. And during your waxing treatment, our team pampers for the whole process. A spa is a tranquil place, no matter the service you’re getting, and we’re dedicated to keeping you comfortable while giving you a complete wax. You’ll obtain touchable skin without ingrown hairs or cuts. Experience a refreshing provider that leaves both you and your skin rejuvenated.

Hairless, Lustrous Skin in a Single Waxing Treatment

Getting smooth skin is simple at our Stillwater hair waxing studio. When you come into our tranquil Stillwater professional waxing studio, we’ll pamper you and make your entire time with us as easy as possible. Our waxing staff is mild and knows how to treat you, so you get both hairless skin and a rejuvenated spirit when you leave. We keep our prices low and affordable because we believe everyone deserves smooth, lustrous skin. Feel confident, feel fabulous with our professional Stillwater waxing treatments.

Stillwater Hair Waxing Studio

Local Luxury Medspa focuses on providing you with a totally enjoyable experience from start to finish. When you visit our hair waxing studio, you’ll receive quality care and expert services, which will leave your skin smooth. Waxing lasts longer than a shave, maintaining your skin effortlessly hair free of charge. Our Stillwater team offers a soothing and professional service every time, even during waxing treatment. We maintain our services affordable to ensure that you won’t stress over expenses. Keep calm and satiny soft pores and skin with our premier services at our Stillwater professional waxing studio.

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We are a proud group of health and beauty professionals with a deep passion for empowering Minneapolis residents with solutions that help them look, feel, and live healthier. Our skincare options can help cleanse, remove, and enhance your skin's natural radiance. Through a holistic approach to beauty and wellness, we’ve become the go-to clinic in Minneapolis. Come to use for complete and compassionate treatments from med spa specialists at the forefront of care.

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