With Local Luxury Medspa’s microdermabrasion facial, your skin will look younger and glowing in no time. This light exfoliating treatment lightly scrubs aside at the outer coating of skin, removing dead skill cells to reveal new, healthy skin underneath. When you may use similar handheld products yourself, a specialist microdermabrasion facial treatment in one of our trained Stillwater estheticians can rejuvenate your skin after just one treatment. And for better results, we can schedule a series of treatments, typically once a month, to maintain your glow. Call today to learn how our Stillwater team can help your skin look radiant and younger.

Numerous Benefits From One Exfoliating Treatment

When you choose a microdermabrasion face, you’re getting tons of benefits in just one treatment. Our Stillwater estheticians give you lasting skin results that you can appreciate. You’ll almost immediately notice that fine lines and wrinkles vanish, acne and scarring become less pronounced, and sun damage is less visible. And if you’re pleased with the outcomes, microdermabrasion facial treatments work well in a series. Booking further services with our Stillwater estheticians following this service will only help to accentuate the benefits your skin experiences.

Simple & Quick Microdermabrasion Facials in Stillwater

When you come in for your microdermabrasion facial, our clinically trained Stillwater estheticians will provide you with a quick and relaxing provider. You’ll receive a mild exfoliating treatment that peels apart dead skin, lending that person a healthy glow. Each service from our Stillwater group gives you a fresh search for the month ahead, providing you a total facial exfoliating treatment in only under one hour. And since the service is minimally abrasive to your skin, a monthly appointment to keep up your gorgeous skin is recommended.

Customized Exfoliating Treatment for Your Skin in Stillwater

We know that everybody’s skin is different. Whether you have dried out or oily skin, acne scarring, freckles, or lines and wrinkles, our microdermabrasion facial may also double as a safe and gentle exfoliating treatment. Our Stillwater estheticians will discuss how best to approach a microdermabrasion facial treatment with you based on your skin, providing customized support for minimal abrasiveness. Here at Local Luxury Medspa, our customized Stillwater services offer you the skin you’ve been looking for.

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