VI Chemical Peels

When your skin’s collagen and elastin production slows down, your skin can struggle with cell turnover, making wrinkles and scarring overstay its welcome. But with Stillwater’s finest VI dermal chemical peel treatment at Local Luxury Medspa, you’ll receive a hardworking facial peel treatment with a variety of benefits including brighter skin, less noticeable wrinkles, and increased collagen production to wipe away deep lines and scars. Our Stillwater estheticians deliver VI dermal chemical substance facial peel treatments that will give you the firmer and clearer results you want without the hassle.

A Painless Chemical Peel Treatment in Stillwater

VI dermal facial peel treatments are a virtually pain-free chemical peel treatments. The peel itself is gentle and contains a topical anesthetic, so even as the reaction is occurring, you’ll only feel a gentle tingle at most. But don’t be fooled by this — the VI chemical substance peel treatment provides a deep and full cleanse, removing the outer layers of dry, dead skin. After your treatment, our friendly Stillwater estheticians will inform you on the best methods to maintain your newly rejuvenated look for months to come.

Feel Brand New in Your Skin With a Facial Peel Treatment

When you come in for a VI dermal chemical facial peel treatment at our Stillwater spa, you’ll receive a knowledgeable and caring service to help you feel refreshed in your skin. After about seven days, you’ll notice that your skin is smoother than before. Makeup will apply more easily, and you’ll feel youthful and glowing in your skin. Our Stillwater estheticians also offer tips for a skin care routine that will help you maintain the results after. Receive stunning, restored skin just at our Stillwater spa.

Facial Peel Treatment Series in Stillwater

You’ll notice a positive difference after just a single chemical substance facial peel treatment with our Stillwater experts, but for the best results, we recommend a series. Spread out over several months to allow time for skin healing and recuperation, a series of VI dermal facial peel treatment at our relaxing Stillwater spa will help target your problem areas more thoroughly. Our Stillwater estheticians can discuss setting up a plan tailored to your skin needs to ensure that each treatment you receive is giving you tangible progress toward where you want your skin to be.

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