Local Luxury Medspa is a name known throughout the St. Croix Valley as a provider of high quality cosmetic treatments. If you’re looking for a medspa to cover all of your skincare needs you have come to the right place.  We provide quality facials, massages, body contouring, injectables and fillers, and so much more. Contact or visit us at our Stillwater facility to ask your questions or to schedule an appointment for our many aesthetic treatments today!

Feel Like a New You with Our Skin Care + Facial Services $129+

At our Stillwater Medspa (located in the Hotel Crosby), as part of our quality skin spa, you’ll find our facial treatments.  Our reputable medspa provides our signature facial along with advanced facial treatments. We provide Fire & Ice and Foaming Enzyme facials from iS Clinical to name a couple. Our Stillwater facility will offer you an experience that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and glowing.

Stillwater Location

232 Main St N | Stillwater, MN

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Benefit from Our Facial Enhancement Services $45+

At Local Luxury Medspa, you will find a facility that holds the space necessary to provide many facial treatments. When you looking for more than our luxury beauty facials, our amazing enhancement services are something to consider. By taking advantage of treatments such as NuFACE, Dermaplaning, Mirodermabration, facial waxing, Brow and Lash tinting, along with other Advanced Enhancements, you can get the appearance you desire.

Our Other Skin Care + Services We Offer

As you try to find additional skin care services in Stillwater, our specialists have many treatments they provide in our facility. Some additional treatments we offer include dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, microneedling, chemical peels, injections, facial waxing. along with other specialty treatments.  Our clients take advantage of a boutique spa located in the beautiful Hotel Crosby. Hotel Crosby offers an amazing restuarant called Matchstick where you can  enjoy a drink and delecious food before or after your spa treatment.  Contact us today if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment for our skin care services.

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Laser Treatments (coming soon)

Long-Lasting Results: Unlike the temporary nature of traditional methods, laser hair removal offers lasting smoothness. With each session, the reduction in hair growth becomes increasingly apparent, eventually leading to a significant decrease in the need for hair removal.

Licensed Professionals

Our practice employees a professional team of medical experts which are fully licensed and experienced.

Varying Treatments

Our services range from enhanced Skin Care, to Laser Hair Removeal, Body Conturing, Massage, and Wrinkle Fillers.

Excellent Services

Trust Local Luxury Medspa to provide the best of our services, we expect if from ourselves and you should too!

IV Therapy (coming soon)

Our clients experience many benefits from IV therapy. Hydration promotes better health and will help enhance your immune system, reduce fatigue, and treat many other chronic conditions. When you do get sick, hydration therapy allows your body to better defend itself against viruses to help you recover more quickly.

We Provide Injectables & Fillers in Stillwater

When the need arises for men and women to fend off the effects of aging, our Stillwater  medspa is available to help. For injectables, our Stillwaer facility provides Botox, Jeuveau, and Dysport. For fillers, we have Juvéderm, Revanesse, and Restylane. 

We Deliver Comfort with Our Massage Services in Stillwater $129+

At our Stillwater facility, you can expect to receive exceptional treatment when it comes to our massage services. We offer a broad range of modalities.  If you are looking for relaxation or more of a therapeutic massage we have you covered.  We also provide massage enhancements such as scalp massage, sugar foot scrub, CBD massage oil to name a few.  Experience Local Luxury Medspa’s signature massage for an experience like no other. We will leave you feeling comfortable and relaxed. Come see us today!

Empower Your Body With Holistic Health and Wellness!

We are a proud group of health and beauty professionals with a deep passion for empowering Minneapolis residents with solutions that help them look, feel, and live healthier. Our skincare options can help cleanse, remove, and enhance your skin's natural radiance. Through a holistic approach to beauty and wellness, we’ve become the go-to clinic in Minneapolis. Come to use for complete and compassionate treatments from med spa specialists at the forefront of care.

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