When looking for a dermal injectable wrinkle or other anti-aging solutions in Minneapolis, you’ll find the specialists at Local Luxury Medspa are available for comprehensive Dysport treatments. A popular alternative to Botox, Dysport injections are a nonsurgical solution for wrinkle treatments with quick recovery rates. Most commonly, Dysport is used to target the moderate or severe wrinkles lines that form between your eyebrows. Contact us today, and we’ll help you or your friends looking for anti-aging dermal injections in Minneapolis.

How Do Dysport Injections Work at Our Minneapolis Spa?

If you, or someone you know, are looking for wrinkle treatments in Minneapolis, our spa’s Dysport injection services will help. Our specialists offer Dysport injections at our Minneapolis spa to nonsurgically treat wrinkles by relaxing underlying muscles under the skin resulting in a smoother appearance. Both Dysport and Botox utilize similar active ingredients; however, trace protein amounts vary. These differences help make Dysport treatments more effective for some people. To inquire or receive our dermal injectable treatments, including Dysport, contact our Minneapolis spa today!

Anti-Aging Dermal Services in Minneapolis

Are you a Minneapolis resident trying to treat or prevent wrinkles? If Botox hasn’t given you the results you expected, Dysport may offer the solution you’re seeking. With Dysport, you’ll find a similar main active ingredient; however, the trace proteins within each treatment can vary, resulting in different results with different people. A treatment like this will make wrinkles less noticeable, but it won’t eliminate them forever. Contact us if you’ve tried other wrinkle serums or creams at your Minneapolis home and request our Dysport treatments.

Dysport Treatments – Injectable Solution in Minneapolis

Dysport treatments work by reducing the lines that affect the glabella, the area between your eyebrows. While Botox has approval forehead lines, crow’s feet, as well as glabellar lines, it’s important to understand that Dysport is only approved for this area. An injectable solution like this is designed for moderate or severe cases; it isn’t recommended for mild glabella lines. Contact us if you’re concerned about developing or existing frown lines, our specialists are ready to help!

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