Hot Stone

Hot stone massage therapy is another option we offer at Local Luxury Medspa. Our licensed massage therapists at our Minneapolis location can take your relaxation and muscle recovery to a new level by applying smooth, heated stones to your body while using Swedish massage techniques like kneading and long strokes to relax the muscles deeply. The stones are heated to a specific temperature range with a stone heater, which prevents the risk of overheating. Your Minneapolis massage therapist can hold the stones in hand while massaging, to provide warmth all over instead of in particular spots on your back.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy Available in Minneapolis

If you are the kind of person who always feels cold, hot stone massage therapy can be a relaxing way to warm up. Those with chronic pain conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia have reported an alleviation of their discomfort after hot stone massage treatments. During the treatment at our Minneapolis Medspa, the stones are applied to pressure points on different parts of your body, like your spine, legs, feet, and abdomen, where muscle tension is typically concentrated. Your Minneapolis massage therapist will tailor your hot stone massage treatment to suit your needs.

The Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage Treatment in Minneapolis

A hot stone massage and spa treatment come with a wealth of benefits. Relief to muscle tension and pain is one of the most apparent physical benefits. Following your hot stone massage and spa treatment, you will probably notice an improvement in your range of motion and flexibility. If you have inflammation, you can talk to your massage therapist about utilizing cold stones during your treatment, as well. Hot stone massages can also help you feel more relaxed and sleep better, which is a great benefit to those with anxiety or insomnia. Book an appointment for your massage at our Minneapolis Medspa today.

Visit Us in Minneapolis for a Hot Stone Massage Treatment

Hot stone massage and spa treatments have been used for a long time, and the massage therapists at our Minneapolis location tailor their treatments to their technique and your specific needs. If your healthcare provider says it’s safe for you to receive a massage, your appointment with our Minneapolis massage therapist will typically begin with discussing what you are hoping for during the treatment so that the massage therapist can make the appropriate adjustments for you.

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