With our dermaplaning facial, not only will your skin feel smoother, but it will be noticeably younger looking. At Local Luxury Medspa, our clinically trained and licensed Stillwater estheticians utilize a flat edge razor to provide a gentle exfoliating treatment to your face, removing any peach fuzz and dead skin. Our Stillwater exfoliating experts will help leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and make applying makeup and moisturizer easier. Under the careful hand of our Minneapolis estheticians, you’ll feel relaxed and at ease. To learn how you can get youthful, luminous skin with a dermaplaning facial treatment, call today.

Premier Dermaplaning Facial

When you book a dermaplaning facial treatment with our  estheticians, you’ll receive a simple and quick treatment that will instantly leave your skin glowing with a fresh faced look. The razor gently exfoliates while removing any hair, giving you a completely fresh layer of skin that is both soft and radiant. Each dermaplaning facial takes less than an hour, for immediate, noticeable results. Don’t let your stubborn facial hairs win – let our experienced Minneapolis estheticians provide you with a delightful experience that will leave your face healthier and silkier looking in no time.

A Simple Exfoliating Treatment for Radiant Skin

Each dermaplaning facial treatment gently scrapes away the top layer of your skin along with your facial hair, providing a light exfoliating treatment and encouraging new cell growth. Our clinically licensed Minneapolis estheticians will give you a relaxing experience that leaves your skin feeling renewed. The light blade we use has the closest shave you can ask for, getting all your tiny hairs removed and leaving a clean, smooth face. Your new, even skin will take other treatments better and be radiant after an appointment with our Minneapolis team.

A Steppingstone to Further Treatment

Your dermaplaning facial is not only an instantaneous way to revitalize skin — it is also a great way to prepare for further treatment. Whether you book a further appointment with us or go home to continue your personal routine, your skin will be more receptive to whatever you apply. You will glow for days after your appointment with our Minneapolis specialists. Get a dermaplaning facial treatment with Local Luxury Medspa to give your skin a young, healthy appearance you can sustain. You’ll leave our Minneapolis spa feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for weeks.

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