The aesthetic organization, Evolus, developed Newtox injections to provide those residing in and around Stillwater with their moderate to serious wrinkles. Jeuveau, the other name for Newtox, is an excellent alternative to Botox for anti-aging dermal injections. Encounter our aesthetic solutions that help many skin imperfections with the professionals at Local Luxury Medspa’s Newtox treatments. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to ask more questions about how Newtox will help you manage your wrinkles.

Your Answers to Frown Lines, Newtox Treatments

In or around Stillwater, you may be far more familiar with Botox due to its uses for aging and other medical conditions. You may also know about its pricy nature. Thankfully, if all you’re looking for simple aesthetic solutions in Stillwater at a lower price point without the loss of security over the task, Newtox treatments are there for you. Overall, for the solutions that Newtox treatments offer, they are safer than Botox. Schedule an appointment at our Stillwater spa by contacting us today!

How Do Newtox Injections Work?

Through unique Hi-Pure Technology, Newtox shots function by purifying the proteins, which results in a safer neurotoxin for yourself. Incidentally, Newtox offers the same efficacy and onset as Botox. Additionally, it provides our Stillwater patients the same longevity — three to four a few months  that Botox provides. Our Newtox injections provide our clients in Stillwater a similar, if not greater, safety profile that Botox. Contact us and schedule an appointment for Newtox dermal shots today.

Anti-Aging Solutions — Newtox Injections in Stillwater

Newtox injections target the forehead horizontal and vertical frown lines and crow’s ft. These treatments make sure that our Stillwater spa’s customers appreciate smoother and younger-searching skin. One of the many benefits of our Newtox injections is their competitive price in comparison to Botox. You’ll end up paying much less, undergo a safer method, and enjoy better looking pores and skin at our Stillwater spa when you ask for our Newtox treatments. Contact us and schedule Newtox treatments with our qualified specialists today!

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