Scalp Massage

A proper scalp massage is made for relaxing your brain and muscle groups while encouraging blood circulation and circulation. Often, the pressure is felt within the top and neck; therefore, scalp massage treatment can be quite effective as a tension reducer for our Stillwater clients. The increased blood flow in the scalp helps aid with hair follicle stimulation, which comes with a host of benefits. When you get yourself a scalp massage by the trained professionals in Stillwater at Local Luxury Medspa, the benefits will trickle down and impact other parts of your body.

Proven Benefits of Scalp Massage Treatment in Stillwater

Scalp massages are known to have a variety of benefits for Stillwater residents, which can include stress relief, reduction in headaches, or an increase in bloodstream circulation. The increase in blood flow helps strengthen the hair follicles, which is known to cause the hair to grow at a faster rate. Scalp massage treatment in Stillwater might help in the dreaded fight to mitigate hair loss. At Local Luxury Medspa, our massage therapy therapists in Stillwater are at the top of their field.

Scalp Massage for Hair Follicle Stimulation

The numerous advantages of scalp massage treatments make them a staple at most Stillwater spas, including Local Luxury Medspa. The feeling you get in both your body and mind after an invigorating hair follicle massage is a huge boon to your current health. Our massage experts incorporate fingertips and palms, in addition to using acupressure, which involves applying finger pressure on certain points on the head to alleviate stress and increase circulation.

Soothing Hair Follicle Scalp Massage in Stillwater

Often, stress is felt within the top and neck so that scalp massages can be extremely effective as a stress reducer for our Stillwater clients. Improved blood flow aids in feeding and strengthening the hair follicles, which may cause the hair to grow quicker, as well as aid in the fight to avoid hair thinning. In Stillwater, our specialists suggest massaging with fingertips and palms as well as using acupressure, which involves applying finger pressure on the head.

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