Alpha Fusion Capsule

The Alpha Fusion Capsule is a dry heat sauna treatment that we have available at Local Luxury Medspa in Stillwater, providing an array of body services such as body wraps, wellness, rest, fitness, or additional beauty and body providers. Along with providing luxury treatments for our Stillwater clients, the Alpha Fusion capsule can be utilized while our estheticians perform facial services. Experience total tranquility throughout your visit inside among our sauna pods.

How Alpha Fusion Capsule Spa Treatments Work in Stillwater

In addition to your other facial treatments, Stillwater’s Local Luxury Medspa also offers sessions inside our Alpha Fusion capsules to augment your encounter. The Alpha Fusion capsule can be a multi-sensory dried out heat sauna pod created for total relaxation. Many athletes around Stillwater make use of these pods to aid in muscle mass recovery, but many more people enjoy it for relaxation. Those looking to manage pain from chronic illnesses such as Lyme disease or fibromyalgia possess reported alleviated degrees of pain after regular infrared sauna periods at our Stillwater medspa.

Alpha Fusion Capsule Dry Heat Sauna Treatment Benefits

The Alpha Fusion capsule spa treatment at our Stillwater medspa uses infrared lights to heat the body instead of using steam, like traditional saunas around Stillwater. By doing so, it’s supposed to help your system burn calories, improve collagen creation, and help increase circulation and oxygen flow while recovering from injuries. It can also provide a soothing place to relax, improving your stress responses. While you sit back and revel in your session, our Stillwater estheticians can offer additional facial services.

Other Benefits of Alpha Fusion Capsule Spa Treatments

Professional sports athletes and Olympians are known to use infrared sauna pods similar to the types from Alpha Fusion for dry heat sauna treatments to assist in their recovery from injuries and strenuous training sessions. But you don’t have to be a professional to reap the benefits of time spent in one of Local Luxury Medspa’s Alpha Fusion capsules in Stillwater. Infrared light can encourage more expedient muscle tissue recovery and decrease the buildup of toxins in the body. Long distance runners might help their sore, tired muscle rest and recover.

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