Trigger Point Therapy

Our trigger point massage can do wonders for tight muscles in Stillwater. A trigger point in the back can end up producing pain in the neck, creating a host of new complications. The neck, now acting as a satellite trigger point, can then cause pain up to the head. With the professional result in point massage treatments provided by Local Luxury Medspa in Stillwater, we can help you get rid of pain from the initial trigger point for long-lasting relief.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy in the Stillwater Area

Trigger point massage therapy is designed to locate the source of the discomfort and remove it entirely. Our Stillwater specialists take pride in the level of comfort we provide to our Stillwater clients. The outcomes and advantages of a trigger point massage include releasing constricted areas in the muscle tissue, ideally minimizing or completely alleviating pain. You can experience a significant decrease in pain after just a single treatment at Local Luxury Medspa, therefore don’t hesitate — click or call to plan a trigger point massage with us today!

Professional Trigger Point Massage Treatments in Stillwater

Professional trigger point massage treatments are best performed on people who have injuries, chronic discomfort, or a specific issue or condition. Almost anyone can benefit from these treatments in Stillwater, whether their injury is significant or comparatively small. When you choose Local Luxury Medspa for your trigger point massage requirements, you’re choosing a company with a sterling reputation in the Stillwater area.

Stillwater’s Preferred Trigger Point Massage Therapists

At Local Luxury Medspa, we strive to be Stillwater’s favorite health and wellness treatment team. When you come in for trigger point therapy massage, expect a typical session to run an hour, based on your pain as well as your routine. We prefer our clients to be as comfortable as possible, so feel free to wear light clothing for this kind of massage treatment.

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