IS Clinical Facials

In Stillwater, there is a well known facial spa many living in and around the city, like yourself, have become familiar with and enjoy very much since it first opened its doors. Our team of experts at Local Luxury Medspa has, with care and concern for our clients, developed quality facial treatments and signature facials which aim to help people with varying skin conditions. Contact our Stillwater facial spa today and schedule an appointment with among our facial treatment specialists to experience clean and healthy skin today!

Facial Spa Equipped with iS Clinical Products in Stillwater

When you want professional skincare treatment providers to help develop a regimen that will suit your needs greatly, you can trust the specialists in Local Luxury Medspa’s Stillwater facial spa. Our team provides a regimen that can include iS Clinical top quality products for cleansing, dealing with, hydrating, or protecting. Call us today to schedule an appointment for our Stillwater facial spa so our specialists can help determine the right iS Clinical products for you.

iS Clinical Facial Treatment in Stillwater

Facial treatment at our Stillwater spa will likely include the usage of a combination of items, including ones by iS Clinical. Regardless of the condition your skin is in when you arrive at our Stillwater facility, we offer beneficial cosmetic facial treatments with the right iS Clinical products for your skin. If you have any questions about the techniques we could recommend, or if you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with one of our specialists, contact us today!

iS Clinical Fueled Signature Facials in Stillwater

Deciding to take advantage of our signature facial treatment will mean you’ll enjoy a customized skin care treatment. We cater to people who have specific skin concerns they want to treat. We use a mixture of iS Clinical branded products and additional add-ons to supply you the results you expect to receive, effectively delivered by the professionals at our Stillwater service. Contact us or visit our Stillwater facility to have any queries or appointments for our signature facial services.

Empower Your Body With Holistic Health and Wellness!

We are a proud group of health and beauty professionals with a deep passion for empowering Minneapolis residents with solutions that help them look, feel, and live healthier. Our skincare options can help cleanse, remove, and enhance your skin's natural radiance. Through a holistic approach to beauty and wellness, we’ve become the go-to clinic in Minneapolis. Come to use for complete and compassionate treatments from med spa specialists at the forefront of care.

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