Mini Peels

If your schedule is too busy to get in a full facial, then why not consider a mini peel facial treatment? Designed to provide the same benefits in less time, our Stillwater facial peel treatments leave you with fresh feeling pores and skin that doesn’t cause a major interruption to your day. You’ll receive the same pampering and calm process as our other guests, but in a much shorter session. Our Stillwater estheticians customize service to best address the issues you want to be fixed without the time of a full treatment. Give Local Luxury Medspa a call today to schedule your service.

A Full Facial Peel Treatment in Half the Time

Booking a mini peel facial treatment at our Stillwater Medspa offers you an efficient and timely way to get the same results a complete facial treatment would offer. Our service is about 30 minutes and offers the same exfoliating treatment you’re looking for. Our knowledgeable Stillwater estheticians will focus on your problem spots, ensuring that the facial peel treatment works the way you need. Don’t let your busy schedule get in the way of rejuvenated skin. Set up an appointment for your mini facial peel treatment today and have fresh, radiant skin in no time.

A Lasting Exfoliating Treatment in Stillwater

During a mini facial with these Stillwater estheticians at Local Luxury Medspa, you’ll become getting a service that delivers lasting benefits. Our mini face peels act like an exfoliating treatment to help slough off the top layer of skin to reveal softer, smoother skin. The whole process takes under an hour, providing you time to relax while not interfering with your day. We offer flexible scheduling options at our Stillwater spa so that you can get the services and outcomes you want without having to rearrange your life.

A Stillwater Medspa for Soothing Face Peel Treatment

Each mini peel facial treatment is about half an hour in length but doesn’t sacrifice the rejuvenation you’d expect from a full treatment. Our Stillwater estheticians will discuss your goals briefly before giving you a customized and relaxing experience. The gentle exfoliating treatment targets your trouble spots while keeping your skin healthy and safe. Take a break from your busy schedule running around Stillwater to indulge at Local Luxury Medspa and leave with better skin very quickly at all.

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