Microcurrent Lip & Eye Treatment

The skin around your eye and lips are typically thinner and more delicate than the rest of that person. When your collagen production has slowed, good lines and wrinkles can seem more prominent. Because the skin is so much more fragile, Stillwater’s own Local Luxury Medspa uses NuFACE products specially designed for microcurrent facial toning and lip treatments, without causing damage to the tissue. The result is smoother, younger-looking skin over several short sessions.

Microcurrent Lip Treatment in Stillwater

Clients who choose classes with the NuFACE gadgets at our Stillwater medspa can improve the muscle tone on or about their lips often take that route because they’ve decided fillers or Botox isn’t right for them. It’s understandable; fillers need regular appointments for upkeep and might be outside your preferred price range. NuFace microcurrent lip treatment is an excellent nonsurgical, noninvasive option for anybody. Working with our Stillwater based estheticians, our Local Luxury Medspa clients can come up with a treatment plan that suits them best.

Experience Microcurrent Face Lift Treatments in Stillwater

The NuFACE microcurrent facial toning treatments that people use within Stillwater are created to enhance the appearance of great lines and lines and wrinkles around your eyes has two prongs that allow your esthetician at Local Luxury Medspa here in Stillwater to provide treatment in the precise areas they are targeting. By the end of the first session, you’ll likely be able to see improvement in your skin right away. As the NuFACE microcurrent facial lift treatment mimics your body’s natural currents, pain or discomfort is virtually nonexistent, allowing you to sit back and relax during your facial improvement at our Stillwater medspa.

Stillwater Based Microcurrent Facial Toning Treatments

In addition to attention and lip treatments, the NuFACE microcurrent technology can be used to boost facial toning all over, including along the jawline and under the chin. If you’ve noticed the muscles on your face no longer carry the same tone that they once did, you won’t have to vacation resort to fillers or other types of surgeries. Regular NuFACE microcurrent facial lift treatment with the estheticians at our Stillwater medspa can help your skin regain its natural bounce and improve texture.

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